Talking Tit

Read More  |  2.06.19  |  Article by Olu Odukoya  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM11

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ICA, The Mall, London

Read More  |  2.06.19  |  Article by Gregor Muir & Eddie Peake  |  interview, Magazine  |  MM7

A conversation betwen Gregor Muir & Eddie Peake, on the eve of the Gal, 2014.

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Zurich & Elsewhere

Read More  |  2.06.19  |  Article by Modern Matter  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM7

The Zurich & Elsewhere project was created with the aid & sponsorship of Pro Helvetia;
special thanks to Marianne Burki & Catherine Munger, Visual Arts Dept
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Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Read More  |  1.06.19  |  Article by Phillipa Snow  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM13

Paola Antonelli, the Senior Curator of MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design,

on the tyranny of the Fitbit, Rei Kawakubo’s monster maternity wear, and MoMA’s very first fashion exhibition in more than seven decades.

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A Conversation with Gabriel Kuri

Read More  |  30.05.19  |  Article by Daniel McClean  |  Art, interview  |  MM13

"Ask Yourself a Very Simple, Almost Automatic Question"
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An Interview With Rita Ackermann

Read More  |  30.05.19  |  Article by Philippa Snow  |  Art, culture, interview  |  MM13

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You Have to Make a Mark Somewhere, and Then You Can Deal With It

Read More  |  30.05.19  |  Article by Michele De Angelus & Bruce Nauman  |  culture, interview, Magazine  |  MM13

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A Transformation of Something That Could Otherwise be Very Ordinary

Read More  |  28.05.19  |  Article by David Adjaye  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM13

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