When I Get Hold of an Idea, It Becomes My Reason to Live

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“I would say that I use the names as a tool, or as a shield. So I don’t take on that persona: it isn’t really about my reinventing myself, like The Great Gatsby or something, so that I become Spartacus Chetwynd. It might be like that for some people who use a pseudonym, or it might look like that from the outside; but to me, from the inside, it’s more like an incantation, or a spell. Or it’s like a weapon, or a coping mechanism.”

Born Alalia Chetwynd, the artist formerly known as Spartacus — and then latterly as Marvin Gaye — has chosen a new name: MONSTER CHETWYND.

Image by Olu Odukoya.
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I Want to Do as I like; Invent My Own Interests

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“I am not interested in the kind of expression that you have when you paint a painting with brush strokes. It’s all right, but it’s already done and I want to do something new.”

This interview with DONALD JUDD is extracted from a longer oral history, first conducted for the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian in 1965, by the late Bruce Hooton.

Image: Donald Judd, untitled, 1963.

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The Camera Itself Has This Beautiful, Realistic Structure

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“The idea then evolved into something else – to make a sequence of images that would simultaneously include both the front and the back. It all happened by chance. And then I started to work out the concept more precisely, and to apply it to other subjects — photographs of aeroplanes, portraits, and the kind of images that normally show up in vintage newspapers.”

Marking his major 2017 show at The Whitechapel Gallery, the German titan-icon of photography THOMAS RUFF talks eBay, photographing space, and the Bechers.

Image: Porträt (P. Lappat), 1987.

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The Werewolf, in My Mind, Is the Most Humanlike Monster

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“Then I started thinking, what would be the one object that would contrast with them the most? So I thought about a body part. Actually, I thought about a head, which I thought would be powerful enough, and would contrast with the coldness of the structure.”

The Canadian sculptor DAVID ALTMEJD on his mythical creations.

Image: Spacing Out, 2017.
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Throwback: John Baldessari

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In a 2012 film for Modern Matter magazine by Todd Coles, John Baldessari talks about technology in his Santa Monica studio.
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The Kind of Joy That’s Erupting out of Ruined Buildings

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“In a way, I was hoping it would be more painful and that it would extract more from me. Weirdly, in the end, it was kind of numbing. I didn’t make it to be cathartic –I didn’t expect to resolve anything.”

From Issue 12, Colour Model, Mark Leckey teaches Modern Matter how to spell 'ardcore.

Image: Hole-punched copy of Modern Matter, issue 12.
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