The Possibility of the Absurd

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Few artists mix the style and imagery of high fashion with the high concepts and social commentary of fine art as effectively as the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, whose work plays on the tropes of magazine photography in order to disrupt the status quo. Witness the torn-out Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar pages he paints on in his 2011 volume, Wear Me Out: he makes chaos out of art-directed beauty, and in doing so makes beauty out of chaos. Here, Wurm has created an extensive series of exclusive artworks for Modern Matter in collaboration with Olu Odukoya, using special-edition archive issues of the magazine as raw material, as part of our ongoing Overprints project. From this particular Overprint portfolio’s first conception — inspired by the sight of those fashionable painting-collages in Wear Me Out —  to its eventual execution, more than a year of work has gone into the pages reproduced here. Proof, if proof were needed, that good things come to those who wait, and to those driven to create.

An Interview with Erwin Wurm, conducted by Philippa Snow
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A Visual Essay in Collaboration with Modern Matter and Erwin Wurm
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A visual essay created in collaboration with Modern Matter and Helmut Lang
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Visual Essay

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When we create an image, we ourselves become performers, curating an image of ourselves and of how we see our surroundings. In this way, the image is imbued with our sense of self — and by the same means, we can often decode images of others through our own experiences as a viewer. Questions around the language of the visual, too, have never been more pertinent than in the age of Instagram.
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To The Serpentine

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An interview with Julia Peyton Jones marking the fifteenth year of The Serpentine Pavilion

Photography by Jukka Ovaskainen
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In Joseph Kosuth’s Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed at Spruth Magers London, a literal Freudian slip appeared on display: the opening page of the very first proof copy of Fetischismus, with the errors corrected by the author’s own hand and then blown-up, as neon lights, around it.
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Out Now: Remastered

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Modern Matter's latest issue, REMASTERED, is out now.
Slipcase, 600 pages

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Talking Tit

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