To The Serpentine

Read More  |  4.07.19  |  Article by Michele Robecchi  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM8

An interview with Julia Peyton Jones marking the fifteenth year of The Serpentine Pavilion

Photography by Jukka Ovaskainen
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Read More  |  1.07.19  |  Article by Annabel Elston & Joseph Kosuth  |  Art, Magazine  |  MM8

In Joseph Kosuth’s Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed at Spruth Magers London, a literal Freudian slip appeared on display: the opening page of the very first proof copy of Fetischismus, with the errors corrected by the author’s own hand and then blown-up, as neon lights, around it.
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Talking Tit

Read More  |  2.06.19  |  Article by Olu Odukoya  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM11

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A Tribute to Franz West: Part One

Read More  |  2.06.19  |  Article by Philippa Snow  |  Art, culture, Magazine  |  MM15

The Nineties brought Austrian artist Franz West (1947-2012) international recognition. He playfully manipulated everyday materials to call attention to the way in which art is presented to the public, and how viewers interact with works of art, and with each other. Our 15th Issue is an appreciation of the artist, featuring WORK, WRITINGS, press clippings, ADAPTIVES, a look at the retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, HANS ULRICH OBRIST and FRANZ WEST in conversation, & MORE.

Modern Matter's latest issue, REMASTERED, is out now.
Slipcase, 600 pages

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Zurich & Elsewhere

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The Zurich & Elsewhere project was created with the aid & sponsorship of Pro Helvetia;
special thanks to Marianne Burki & Catherine Munger, Visual Arts Dept
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A Conversation with Andrea Zittel

Read More  |  1.06.19  |  Article by Brienne Walsh  |  Art, interview, Magazine  |  MM9

A conversation with the greatest female artist west of the Rocky Mountains
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Dutch Perspective

Read More  |  1.06.19  |  Article by Blommers & Schumm  |  Art, fashion, Magazine  |  MM7

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Nose Best

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