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1.make a new master of, typically in order to improve the quality.

Modern Matter presents a showcase of the art of remastering, rendered in print, so that analogue processes are given a digital sheen, and old-school artists are given a new-school vibe. Franz West, born in 1947, is re-printed in his favourite colour, hot pink; Paul Chan weaves new publishing and politics out of a rich experimental literary history.


Daniel Richter remixes two archive issues of this very magazine, and Arthur Jafa reconfigures Whitney Houston as not just an icon, but a saintly ghost. Cajsa Von Ziepel reworks human bodies, so that male and female forms combine, and Christian Jankowski re-appropriates art world frivolity to make art. Nick Knight introduces, or re-introduces, liberal skinhead brutalism into fashion. Replay: pause: stop: rewind. Then start all over again.


(Our repeat version happens to be printed in an offbeat colour profile: Froga V5 uncoated, European Standard. Can you tell the difference Either way: consider it a chance to reconsider everything that you’ve already seen.)

Also featuring  : Tim Gutt & Shona Heath, Barbara Pobst, Marc Aseksame .

Dynamicron VHS

Modern Matter's special-edition overprinted archive by Daniel Richer

As seen P.164 - CUTTING MATTA-CLARK Review by Jon Wright.

P.248 – SPACE IS THE PLACE - An exploration of space.

P.120 – EIN FRUHSTUCK MIT FRANZ WEST - Photography by Pascal Gambarte.

P.32 – EXPOSURE (PRADA SPECIAL) - Fashion by Barbara Probst.

P.145 – SELECTED WORKS - Further artwork by Franz West.

P.18 – TIME WASTERS - Fashion by Mark Asekhame.

P.40 – SLEEPING BEAUTIES - Fashion by Tim Gutt.

P.256 – ARTISTE COLLABORATION - By Daniel Ritcher and Olu Odukoya.